– Making For Multilingual Social Networking

Babller.comBy now, we all have come across a profile of a friend of a friend on Facebook that is in Russian, Japanese or any other language that uses an alphabet different from ours. When that happens, we can but smirk and go back while we think that there is a missing element in the social equation that someone is sure to look into one day.

The team behind Babller has done exactly that. They have come up with a new solution that makes for networking in multiple languages. Using it, you will be capable of reading and posting status updates in languages other than the one you frequently use.

Conceptually, this is achieved by letting you post updates as you have always done and then proceeding to have them translated into other languages – languages that you can choose at will. And once these languages have been chosen, Babller itself takes care of posting the translated update(s) for all to read.

Right now, Babller is compatible not only with Facebook and with Twitter but also with LinkedIn. This means that the actual scope of the site goes well beyond mere social networking – it can also be used in order to develop professional collaborations. In Their Own Words

“Babller lets you read and post status updates on your favorite social networks in many languages.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The fact that it can translate statuses posted not only on Facebook and Twitter but also on LinkedIn gives it a true professional edge.

Some Questions About

Are these translations equally accurate in each and every case? Or are there languages that pose a bigger problem than others?