AyeNotes.com – A Different Approach To Taking Notes

AyeNotes.comIf your profession or occupation means that you have to take online notes more than often, chances are you will find a visit to this site quite compelling. In principle, through the site you will be able to define shorthands for clips that you use frequently.

From that point onwards, whenever you type in the shorthand you will see it expand automatically, and become a fully readable note.

In addition to providing you with this template system, AyeNotes will enable you to access the information that you have stored from anywhere there is an Internet connection available. This is possible because this is a web-hosted solution, and any browser-enabled computer will do the trick.

The uses of such a solution are bound to vary from user to user, but some applications spring to mind easily. For instance, bloggers that employ a markup format can use AyeNotes to create closing tags by inserting a clip after specific syntax. On the other hand, any person who is at work on his own novel or book will be able to dispense with typing recurrent names or key terms time and again.

To sum it up, this new (and free) service might just provide web-based writers of every denomination with a superb way to save time and energy, staying fresh and sharp for the task at hand. If you are into a position where writing texts with repetitive elements or structures is the order of the day, consider checking it out at least once.

AyeNotes.com In Their Own Words

“AyeNotes is a tool for taking and storing notes online. With AyeNotes’ templating system, users type in shorthand versions of commonly used phrases that then automatically expand to complete entries. Authoring and accessing notes online has never been more efficient!”

Why AyeNotes.com It Might Be A Killer

Those who wish to make their authoring assignments flow more easily along will find a visit to this site worthwhile.

Some Questions About AyeNotes.com

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