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Size Does Matter: Axis Drones Are Really Really Small – And Awesome

Drone views of eagle flight: stunning. Drone package delivery: promising. Drones that you can fit inside your pocket: amazing.



Wanna know what makes the last item in that list a whole lot cooler than the first two?




You can actually hold and operate the last one on your own, thanks to Axis Drones.


Axis Drones, a division of Morrison Innovations, is quickly building a line of nano drones that pretty much everybody is going to want to own. Their latest creation (coming soon to Indiegogo) is the Wallet Drone.


Otherwise known as the “World’s Smallest Quadcopter,” the Wallet Drone is a tiny drone so small that it fits inside its carrying case, which is also the controller and charger – all of which is about the size of a wallet and therefore easy to carry in your pocket. Got all that?


axis drone landing


The little guy is also super durable and easy to fly. It hovers just above the ground, does 360s, and looks like a blast to maneuver.


New to drone piloting? The company also sells a Nano Drone for Beginners that has protective guards for the blades. So if you spend a lot of time bumping your drone into the walls like a bird confused by glass, you’re more likely to avoid fatal crashes.


Even if you did manage to smash up your nano drone good and proper, the beginner version currently costs $45.00 in the website’s store, a simple crash kit $14.00, which makes drone flying a relatively inexpensive hobby – ridiculously cheaper than piloting, say, remote control helicopters. Seriously, if you want to see grown men cry, find a field where they’re flying helicopters and wait for a crash. We’re talking thousands of dollars in a crumpled heap. And, since larger copters are difficult to control, you won’t have to wait long to see active tear ducts.



The Nano Drone for Beginners crushed its goal on Indiegogo and was funded 263%. Axis Drones is in the process now of fulfilling perks from the campaign and shipping out drones. They’ve moved on to retail sales on both their website and other distribution channels. Meanwhile, success has built momentum for the unveiling of the Wallet Drone and 6 more designs lined up for a 2015 launch.


Need to entertain your office partners? Feel like walking to the park for an afternoon drone flight without hauling a bunch of clunky equipment? Or, are you looking for a fun and cost-effective way to train to fly bigger drones? Take a closer peak at unique, compact drones at


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