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Avoidr.orgI guess it was a mere matter of time before we saw the release of a tool like Avoidr – an antisocial location-based tool. The concept that lies at the heart of it is anything but complicated, as using Avoidr you will be able to keep yourself from running into people that you can’t stand on Foursquare.


The way this application works is by letting you adjudicate a “name” (IE, an insult) to the ones that you don’t want to meet and then learning where they are located when using Foursquare. That’s it. The service is a simple one, it probably took not too long to be implemented by the team behind it, and it works quite well in practice. It is very easy to categorize people based on their degree of annoyance, and learn about these places that you should avoid like the plague.

Using Avoidr implies nothing more than logging in using your Foursquare credentials and specifying who the ones who bug you are. There is no need to create an account or anything like that – if you are on Foursquare, you will already be capable of employing Avoidr to the full. In Their Own Words

“Avoidr uses Foursquare to check where your not-friends are so you can avoid them.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It addresses a true shortcoming in location based networking, and one that had strangely not been addressed until now.

Some Questions About

What will happen to the site if Foursquare ever offers a similar functionality by default?

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