AVChat.net – Video Chat Software For User Based Sites

AVChat.netIt provides live video and audio chat products as well as services based on the Flash Player platform. This site is aimed at websites with strong communities looking to enhance the user experience.

The current standard product range includes an instant messenger with video/audio, a many to many video/audio chat software and a video profile recorder.
Some of the uses that people might give to AVChant.net’s products and services are applications in dating and matchmaking web sites, forums, large user bases, whenever there is a need to jump from one room to another by pressing just a button, many to many chat scenarios, secure live video/audio/text chat over the Internet or Intranet.

AVChat.net In Their Own Words

“AVChat 2 is a very powerful flash video chat software to be used by web sites with lots of users.
It comes packed with lots of features including private messages, rooms support and and admin section, and runs directly in the browser. AVChat 2 works the same in IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera, on Windows, Mac and Linux.”

Why AVChat.net It Might Be A Killer

Because simple, easy accessible and quality live video on the web is new and is going to be big. Because we offer some great software with some great features and some great services. Because we have big plans for development and extending.

Some Questions About AVChat.net

What new cool features are they planning to come up with? AVChat.net