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Avartize.comThis is one for the many Twitter users out there. Avartize gives them the option to easily pump up their profile pictures (IE, their avatars).


Using this solution anybody can set his state to “busy,” tell his friends he is on fire, or let everybody know he is out taking in that special event.

In addition to that, at the user also has the option to create his own overlays and share them, so people can pimp their avatars using each other’s artwork. This way, those who organize events can let visitors utilize their overlays. For its part, the ones supporting a good cause can show it by making the avatar go the relevant color to reflect that.

This service is provided on a “One click and it’s done” basis. No installation or coding skills are required. Users just create an account, upload their transparent images, and away they go. All in all, a convenient service bringing individuals and businesses the opportunity to promote themselves using the power inherent to Twitter. In Their Own Words

“Customize your avatar with Add an overlay of your favorite logo, symbol or design to your Twitter profile picture. It’s free!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a practical way to make your avatar reflect the true you, and also to promote any cause which is worth championing.

Some Questions About

Can users further interact through the site? Is a chat room or similar provided?

Author : Roger Hollings

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