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AutoVirt.comA solution which is introduced by the company of the same name, AutoVirt tackles one specific (and tiresome) task, that of data migration. The basic premise is automating the process so that typical procedural headaches are avoided and the result is as good or more than manual procedures.


AutoVirt is actually presented as a native extension of your current Windows file environment, and it enables you to inventory both your physical and virtual server domain and creating a global namespace. This makes it easy to monitor all the networked files from a single point of reference, and you can then schedule all the automated migration tasks using the provided interface,

As it was to be expected, the site lets you sign up for a free trial in order to determine if this solution will suit your company or not. Prototypical corporate website information such as press releases and related materials can also be found online, in the event you need further information. In Their Own Words

“The only fully automated, easy-to-use online data migration software for Windows.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Fortune 500 companies everywhere will find such a solution enticing.

Some Questions About

How long is the provided free trial process?

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