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Automatic Backup From A Smartwatch? Yes Please!

Raise your hand if you’ve ever lost all of your data because you (like me) are terrible about backing your computer up. This is an experience that’s well-known to pretty much everyone in 2015, as we’ve come to spend more and more time on our computers but still can’t seem to learn the backup lesson.


There’s a new tool on the horizon that could help with all that. No, I’m not referring to Dropbox — that’s old news. I’m talking about ReVault, the new smartwatch with wearable wireless storage.




While you might already be backing up your data on the cloud or on a physical hard drive (and if you’re doing both, I commend you), both of those options have setbacks. The cloud is only accessible when you’re online and, personally, it makes me a little nervous to have my files saved only on someone else’s server. A physical hard drive is, 1. losable and, 2. way less convenient.


ReVault solves both of those problems. You can access your files that are saved on the cloud via wifi or bluetooth, even if you don’t have an internet connection. Since it’s a watch, your physical copies are always with you, no matter where you go. You literally have no excuse to not back up your files, ever again.



ReVault also synchs with all of your devices, making your data accessible whether you’re trying to access it on your computer, phone, or tablet. Oh yeah, that’s the other major 2015 problem that this new smartwatch solves: having your digital property scattered all over a million different devices. ReVault brings it all together in one spot for you, so you’ll never be stuck jumping from phone to tablet to computer searching for that one file you know you have to have somewhere.


And if you’re not into watches (like if you spend all day typing on the computer, like I do), ReVault comes with a converter so you can wear it on your neck, attach it your keychain, or just carry it in your pocket. It’s a smartwatch, but it’s also a smart necklace and a smart keychain! You can also choose from one of three bands and a variety of faces, so you can guarantee that your ReVault matches your look.


The ReVault has already raised more than 100% of their goal on IndieGoGo within the first week of fundraising. Their first two levels are already sold out, but you can still get in on it with a 32 GB ReVault for a $199 donation or a 128 GB for $299. Get with ReVault and don’t ever get stuck with the loss of all your data or searching around for a file like a crazy person again.


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Author : Emma McGowan

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