Automated Financial Modeling for Your Business

For small businesses, cutting corners where you can is an unfortunate reality.


One common area where this fact rears its ugly head is in financial management.  The F500s and VC-backed companies of the world are afforded the luxury of Big Four accounting, enterprise software, and other top-level resources – resulting in optimized financial analyses and strategic development.  The rest of us, however, aren’t so lucky.


Smaller players must instead resort to the use of Quickbooks or even Excel spreadsheets.  But while these solutions might offer familiarity, they fall short where it really matters – especially in terms of actionable analysis and automation.


The time has come to empower all business leaders to run their companies the same way the giants of the world do – regardless of financial restrictions.  Introducing RMI Insights: a machine learning-based visual financial modeling platform that allows businesses to seamlessly automate monthly financial planning and analysis functions.

Democratization of corporate strategy and development – even for the smallest of businesses – has finally arrived.  RMI Insights allows executives to instantly assess actual performance against target performance with little more than a simple PDF or CSV upload of historical financial statements.  Waive goodbye to Excel!


Powered by machine learning algorithms, the platform will then do the rest.  Users may visually adjust the key drivers for their targets – including COGS, working capital, and revenue growth – without needing any specific expertise or training.  This results in vastly improved decision making going forward for business leaders.


Users can automate RMI-driven financial processes even further by connecting the platform to their company’s ERP (i.e. Quickbooks).  Additional features offered include:


  • Ability to invite fellow executives & investors to collaborate with the platform
  • Results presented visually and downloadable as PDF or Excel files
  • KPI dashboard & monthly budgeting tools allow for continuous actual vs. target tracking
  • Valuations of a business can be presented in real time
  • Real-time benchmarking against similar public companies
  • Deal Assessor tool available for investment managers

Wall Street veteran Varun Balan founded RMI back in 2014, and has led the company to 212% YoY growth ever since.  Fast forward to today and the platform currently serves over 20 happy enterprise customers, and a strong growth pipeline as evidenced by continued 10%+ monthly sales increases.


On the heels of raising capital from a prominent venture partner at a large DC-based firm, RMI Insights is looking forward to continuing to help empower and grow businesses everywhere.  The platform will officially launch to the mass market on June 17, 2019. – and the sky’s the limit from there.


Special discounts are available to customers that sign-up prior to this launch date.  To take advantage or for more information, simply visit  The Founder can also be reached directly at [email protected].


Photos: RMI Insights