Automated coaching startup BetterYou sets horizons beyond the personal.

Automated coaching is a burgeoning field. The always-on, easy availability of modern smartphone products mean that many people now spend their entire day tethered to a mobile data device. More and more companies are springing up that take advantage of this close connection by providing regular influence prompts designed to improve users’ lives in general.


At the head of this pack is a startup called BetterYou. Founded in 2018 by Sean Higgins, BetterYou operates as a “digital coach” that helps people make better health and wellness decisions. It does this by logging how people actually spend their time, and comparing this reality against their stated goals.

BetterYou’s approach is somewhat unique in the industry, in that they leverage the background data from users’ phones to log progress, without any manual entry. In addition, they used a sophisticated AI-based back-end to catch the fleeting insights nessicary to nudge people toward the outcomes they desire.

Because usage information is automatically retrieved from users’ phones, BetterYou is updated in real-time, providing immediate visual feedback for better decisions as the user is making them. This always-on approach also makes it easier for their AI to catch less-obvious patterns of behaviour, and work to improve them.

BetterYou has set its sights beyond simply competing in the personal digital coaching market. Recognizing the value that their technology captures, they are positioning the company to act as a coach in corporate scenarios as well.

Studies have shown that modern corporate employees spend more than 3 full hours per day on their phones. BetterYou attempts to meet employees on their phones, where they are most comfortable, and provide the type of detailed, metrics-backed corporate coaching that increases productivity and job satisfaction at the same time.

By offering both personal and organizational solutions operating in the same ecosystem, BetterYou presents an attractive slate of automated coaching tools designed to make users’ entire day more effective, enjoyable, predictable and productive.

BetterYou is available from the company website at, which also presents a pile of further information about the platform’s features and guiding philosophy.

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