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Autoloanapprovals.comLike many of the sites that offer consumer or cheap credit products, Auto Loan Approvals is not very clear on what it does or who it is that will lend you the money. In any case, it is clear what the company does is to contact prospective clients with institutions that will lend money to people with a bad credit history even declared bankruptcy.

You have to fill in a short form with the amount of money you need to borrow, and some basic data: name, address, income, social security number, etc. The site will calculate what the cost of your monthly installments would be, in a way to ensure that you can actually afford to get a loan, or to refinance a pre-existing one. As of that, one of the “educated finance manager from our local network of retailers will contact you with your approval information, as well as, an interest rate and down payment that you can afford”. One thing is sure: the first steps are for free, but there is no statement on whether you might be able to get charged if you use any further service.