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Aurigma.comWhen it comes to looking for a software development company that provides users with quality image processing components and solutions, Aurigma is an interesting site you should check in order to see if you can find what you need. The company responsible for the developed of this site is located in Tomsk, Russia and has also developed a wide assortment of products that have been demonstrated to be greatly effective to provide users with highly convenient solutions. As you may image this company’s services are focused on the creation of imaging products.


The company was founded by qualified professional programmers and managers that know exactly the way application, web developers, and web masters feel when they get these kinds of convenient services. This service gives you the essential image processing functionality needed on every product.

Aurigma is a client-oriented company that provides them with highly detailed information about every product. The company is always open to its clients’ feedback as one of the most valuable components that a company may have. The site has much more information about the many services you will get from this interesting company and you can find it freely at In Their Own Words

“Aurigma is a software development company engaged in delivering top of the class image processing components and solutions. Our R&D department is situated in Tomsk (Russia) – a city with several institutes of technology busy training world-class programmers.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This could be an interesting service for many users that need to find effective solutions related to image processing components.

Some Questions About

What other kind of services are going to be offered by the company in the near future?

Author : Paul Barker

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