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Auditude.comAuditude is a company that provides video distribution and advertising solutions, in order to simplify the monetization of online video files. Through the site, content owners are able to find and sell ads on their videos over the web, while advertisers can target premium video online and reach a ready audience.

For its part, publishers also have a chance of increasing video revenue as multiple partners can sell into their sites and there is no custom integration to be carried out – the rules are set by the publisher and its partners.

The site is subdivided in consequence, and sections entitled “Content Owners”, “Publishers” and “Advertisers” are part of the premises.

Also featured on the site is a “technology” category which describes the corporate fingerprinting index and the way it relates to the existing ad platform. Aspects such as the way audio and video are matched are described as well. So far, the company has over 1,000,000,000 minutes of indexed content ready for distribution.

All in all, consider visiting the site if you are interested into jumping aboard the online video train, and see if the solution on offer could make be what you need to stake your claim. In Their Own Words

“Auditude helps content owners find and sell ads on their videos across the internet, publishers grow high-value inventory for buyers, and advertisers target premium video online. By combining our ad platform with our identification system, we simplify monetization of online video.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It simplifies video distribution and advertising across the WWW.

Some Questions About

How much does this service cost? What is the degree of customization at play? How long will it take for you to generate an income through a service like this?