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AtticTV.comDo you remember when MTV actually used to show music videos instead of reality shows with pseudo celebrities all around the clock? If you do, then this new site will let you relive such days. And show your younger friends what things were like in the golden days of music television. Basically, is like YouTube, but only that for music videos. Nothing else can be watched on this site. AtticTV is organized in all the obvious channels (Rock, Pop, Reggae, Metal, Electronica…), you can star these videos that you fall in love with at first sight, and you can have them shared with all of your friends. And if you connect to the site using Facebook, then you can talk with all of your contacts using the provided chat application.


If there’s one criticism to be leveled at the site is that some important categories are missing. For example, I find it hard to believe that there’s not a rap or a hip hop channel. These are some of the most representative genres of our time, and even when I don’t remotely enjoy either no serious music site could do without them. And the site’s also missing a “Country” channel. Hopefully, these channels will be added shortly, along with subcategories for the main ones. There’s just too many subgenres within rock and metal music for a single channel to hold everything comfortably. In Their Own Words

MTV for the Web.

Some Questions About

When will more categories be added? In addition to the ones mentioned in the review, which others should be added?

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