– Dusting Off Albums On iTunes

AtticApp.comIf there is one thing that I just don’t like about digital music is how easy it is to forget about albums that you buy and don’t listen to immediately. If you buy a CD or a LP that can’t possibly happen since there is physicality at play.

You will come across the disc as you are doing the rounds, and you will listen to it before too long. But an album stored in the cloud? No such chance.

It comes as no surprise that an app like Attic App has been released. At its most elemental level, it will let you rediscover all these forgotten albums that you have bought and never spinned. It does so by looking at your collection and highlighting the one albums that have been sitting doing the digital equivalent to “gather dust”. Once they are brought back into the limelight, you can create lists, shuffle the discs, and have them played in every other way that you could think of.

At the end of the day, this is the kind of iPhone app that hardened music lovers just adore. The ability to connect not just with old music that they haven’t tried yet but also to rediscover some older discs is invaluable. In many cases, you forget about old music for a reason. In others, it is just a mere coincidence. This site will make it clear for you which is which, cast your glance back and maybe see the days when you were younger clearer than ever. In Their Own Words

“iPhone App for forgotten albums in your library.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Music lovers that want to ensure no music they have spent a cent in is obviated will make the best out of this.

Some Questions About

Will something like this for sites or platforms other than iTunes be released?