ATryBox – An Ideal Platform For User Testing

How much should I ask for? What should that service cost? Where do I look?


For as long as I’ve been hearing about the opportunities to make money online, I’ve yet to find a website where it’s ever as easy as promised. I imagine startup staff looking to contract services feel the same way.


ATryBox, a marketplace for user testing, admirably fills a gap. The few times I’ve attempted to shop my expertise on startups for a few extra bucks, I’ve been discouraged by the large number of hoops you have to jump through to be added into the mix of testers. I’ve worried about scammers, unclear terms of payment… it has never proven worth my time. ATryBox resolves all of those hangups and more.




For starters, ATryBox keeps things clear and simple. It announces itself as a usability testing and research platform where businesses can find help with A/B testing, surveys, or even take onsite meetings or have phone interviews. ATryBox equips both sides of the testing coin with all the tools that they need – video recordings, survey engines, real-time updates.


What’s more, ATryBox does an excellent job of establishing payment procedures and standardizing fees.


Need a quick opinion on a new phone app idea? It will cost you five dollars. Want to know how much you’ll really make for completing a survey? Ten bucks. There’s no guesswork involved whatsoever. Everyone knows what feedback will cost and what testers will get paid (until you get into setting up custom meetings).



Transparency, simplicity, convenience… I hear these words associated with startups so often, I tune out when I hear them. ATryBox actually earns these descriptions. It’s the most straightforward and easily navigable platform for any sort of feedback testing that I can recall. I’ll be signing up.


As a business owner, you also benefit from the ease of finding your ideal testers. You can request help from a growing pool of over 1,000 US-based testers, representing whatever demographics and interests suit your needs. Find the answers you need without hunting for the right people, or lengthy waits for feedback, or paying a firm a fortune to conduct research on your behalf.


There’s even a user testing cost calculator to determine how much you’d have to spend, so you can prevent costs from running away on you. In their own words: “We take all the headache away from user testing by automating recruitment, payments, online usability tests video recordings and surveys.”


So, if you need people – either in person or remotely – to test your products and ideas, do yourself a favor and check out ATryBox. And if you’d like to earn money for testing online, without running through a minefield of hassles and hucksters, this is the place to turn.


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