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AToZQuotes.comQuotes will be popular until the end of time. It is only natural – not only do they stand as exponents of wit and charm, but (since they come from the lips of others) they also do give us license to say something which couldn’t tumble from our lips otherwise.


I mean, if we quote Ambroise Bierce or Groucho Marx all sins are forgiven. But if we come up with certain remarks ourselves the results would be different, we would end up being ostracized. So, having a quote or two around for every occasion is not a bad idea. And bearing this site in mind will be good for these purposes

Basically, it is an online repository which includes quotes of every kind. Not only that, it includes a wide assortment of aphorisms that are every bit as useful as the quotes that are featured.

As you can imagine, this database can be browsed through alphabetically and thematically. In this way, you can focus on your favorite authors and topics, and see what has been said through the years about these topics that send us scouring our own feelings and thoughts from A to Z.

There is little more to add other than saying that the site includes a game entitled “Quotegame” that lets you take guesses at who did say what. It is entertaining, but it could be even more dynamic. In Their Own Words

“ – Quotations archive with more than 150.000 quotes for more than 25.000 authors.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you are keen on expanding your knowledge and immersing yourself in collective wisdom this site is a good point to proceed from.

Some Questions About

Can you submit quotes to the site? Can you suggest authors?

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