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atOnePlace.comIf you’re looking to invest in some overseas properties, but are disheartened and discouraged by your geographical disadvantage, atOnePlace might be able to help you out. This newly-launched remote real-estate search engine lets you search for or list properties, even if you’re a hemisphere away from the pending transaction.


Currently, the site is only operative in India, but expansion plans are already underway. Essentially, atOnePlace functions like any other real-estate search engine; you sign up, plug in your requirements. However, instead of generating a list of compatible properties, atOnePlace analyzes this information and puts you in touch with a personal “Account Executive” who gathers your requirements and gives you updates about potential real estate matches. Together, you work with your remote assistant to hunt down the perfect property. When you’re ready to purchase, atOnePlace will walk you through the process of international real-estate purchase, putting you in direct contact with the seller, sending you email updates, and helping you out with wire transfers. In Their Own Words

“atOnePlaceâ„¢ is an online Real Estate market-place built to bridge the Information, Trust and Service level expectations of an average customer from International Real Estate. We work to provide solutions to any individual who is looking to invest in the emerging Real Estate Opportunities and yet shies away due to pertinent processing and follow up issues”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

If the site really works as well as it says it does, it could help facilitate international property transfer by putting buyers directly in touch with sellers (coordinated by an atOnePlace agent). Unlike other real-estate sites that only provide a limited list of desired features, you can specify exactly what you want using atOnePlace’s requirements submission field; since an agent will be analyzing your specifications and not a computer.

Some Questions About

Some of atOnePlace’s features and requirements are a little vague. For starters, it seems odd that this service seems completely free or charge, considering the site matches you up with your own personal agent should you desire; do they receive commission, or do they get a cut of your cash transfer when you pay for a property?
atOnePlace: We get paid by the seller. The commission paid is split between the Realtor and atOnePlace – mostly in favor of the Realtor.

How secure is this method of real estate purchase? Wouldn’t most people be reluctant to wire huge amounts of money across borders to an unknown recipient?
atOnePlace: The transaction is completely secure, as the company does a diligence on the tangible property being transacted. However, paranoia is not bad, and the company helps/ arranges / facilitates for direct meetings between the stakeholders.

What about legal limitations; some countries won’t let you purchase property in this way, nor will they let you wire over a certain amount of money abroad.
atOnePlace: That is correct. Many countries have different legal limitations with the sale/purchse of land. Like Malaysia went freehold, can be bought by anyone. India for that matter can only be bought by indians. There are workaround available, but atOnePlace will bring legitimate products in which someone not being an indian can still ride the booming indian economy. Stay tuned.

atOnePlace could definitely work on clarifying some of these concerns.

atOnePlace: Thanks for your question. Hope this helps.


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