– Watermark And Merge PDFs

AtomPDF.comFor people whose jobs involve creating and sharing PDFs, there’s this collection of tools. AtomPDF lets you do everything from protecting any PDF that you have put together to merging a large number of PDFs into a new one. The first task can be done by using the tool named “Atom PDF Watermark”, whereas you can have different PDFs turned into one thanks to the application which is called “Atom PDF Merger”. Both can be downloaded on the site, tried for free, and bought whenever you want to go Pro.

“Atom PDF Watermark” comes with features such as letting you apply more than one watermark to the same document, and to have them placed right where you want to have them displayed. You can have some featured on certain pages and not in others, this tool makes it simple to pick the exact range.

And “Atom PDF Merger” lets you combine very different types of files, including images such as JPGs, GIFs and PNGs. And when it comes to merging text documents, you’re given the chance to rearrange the actual order of their pages, so that everything makes good sense when put together.

“Atom PDF Watermark” and “Atom PDF Merger” cost $24 each, and one license works on all the computers you might have (IE, the one you use at work, the one you keep at home and your laptop). In Their Own Words

Powerful PDF software.

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What if you want to merge watermarked PDFs? Can that be done?