Atlaz Empowers Tech Companies To Stay Focused And In Sync

Do you know what everyone at your company is working on? Where each employee is at on each project and task? What tools everyone is using? If everyone is really collaborating? Or even working on the best ideas?


Trying to get a true grip on your company, especially if it’s a tech-driven workplace, can be an exhausting challenge. With an abundance of flexibility and tools in play, comes people literally everywhere, working on all kinds of things, attempting to communicate with a crazy mix of applications and devices… Does your soul ache for simplicity and clarity?


Atlaz is a cloud solution that is the antidote for all the craziness mentioned above. “We integrate all processes of tech companies into one solution for more transparent and productive team collaboration.”


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All of your work in one place for a better view of any project. More efficient collaboration. Sounds great. So what’s in Atlaz’s secret sauce that sets it apart from so many other project management and collaboration tools?


Similar to Trello (to name just one popular tool), Atlaz uses Kanban boards to help manage projects. Atlaz, however, includes touches such as time tracking, WIP limits, swimlanes and reporting so that boards are geared specifically for shipping software – or the needs of a tech company. Atlaz also holds a distinct advantage by enabling ALL employees to work from one place.


This means that software dev, product dev, design, marketing, sales, support, HR and others can all interact more seamlessly and stay on the same page. Instead of hiding in their individual silos without knowledge of what the rest of the team are up to, all work is kept in plain view. This team cross-functionality is healthy for any company, be they startup size or enterprise.


Atlaz also provides sprint boards – which integrate with other reports – so that you can run sprints efficiently. Atlaz injects your typical whiteboard with new life by allowing teams to not only collect ideas on its backlog board but score them according to value and effort, so that it’s easier to set priorities and direct energy into the most important work.


atlaz mobile


A roadmap board facilitates planning and provides a panoramic view of both projects and tasks. Mobile apps permit employees the convenience of staying up to date, no matter where they’re working (which is more or less the expectation nowadays), while keeping individual efforts unified with overall operations.


Ready to simplify task management? Gain a more complete picture of your business? Smooth collaboration across your teams? Request access to the beta version of Atlaz at – and take advantage of their current offer of a six-month free trial!


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