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Many people are attracted to the idea of working for the airline industry, because they realize that this is one line of work that allows individuals the opportunity to travel, and experience different parts of the world, and at the same time get paid for it. However, in the same way that employees in other fields of work experience challenges particular to their job, so do flight attendants, pilots, and other persons who see to the comfort, and safe travel of airplane travelers have certain inconveniences that are part of their daily work experience. In 1968 an innovative young man with an entrepreneurial spirit decided that he was going to do something to minimize the inconvenience that airline workers dealt with every single day.


Jeffrey Haynes started a company called ASU or Airline Services Unlimited. Individuals who want to access the services that this business provides can do so by searching on the Internet. Since the founding of his corporation, Jeffrey has been at the forefront of many of the innovations that has made travel in more enjoyable for flight attendants and pilots. One of the very first problems that he helped tackle, was provided adequate housing for stewardess, as they were called in those days, who had to stay in a certain location three days out of the week. The site outlines how he not only help them find accommodations, but made it possible for them to find extra work that they could do during the three days that they had free out of the week.

It is very interesting to read how Mr. Haynes was influential in promoting things like luggage on wheels, and offering deals on travel to exotic locations to airline employees. is a members only site and a useful tool for everyone who works for the travel field.

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Author : Mery Fisher

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