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Offering the most up to date index for industrial standards, is a web site dedicated to providing statistical data on a huge variety of important organizational manuals. For any company looking to break into a particular industrial or commercial market, it is essential to understand what constitutes standard practice for that niche. provides venture capitalists with logs of data provided by industry leaders on what companies should be producing, and a consensus for what quality the items should be produced at. For example, manufacturers of steel piping can look on this site to find what is the steel grade to be used for each type of pipe and at what temperature those pipes can be heated to before breaking down. This and thousands of other industry standards are available for quick purchase and download on this website.


Another useful feature on this website is a detailed description of how each standard was developed, and which industrial leaders bear responsibility for maintaining those standards. This may be of interest to legal representatives or those involved in politics, who want to learn more about a field but are unsure of who to ask for information. also regularly updates a news feed, which features popular news stories that utilize theirs and other industrial standards in their media reports. This can allow users of this site to stay in touch with recent developments, and gauge how the public may be reacting to different industrial developments. Finally, publishes magazines and newsletters that feature interviews and stories about influential leaders in various industrial fields.

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Author : Steve Dixon

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