– Hyperlink Your Videos

Asterpix.comEver wanted to hyperlink to images in a video? Now you can with Asterpix. Asterpix allows you to create hypervideos that you can share on other sites.

This is really cool technology that allows you to hyperlink to images within a video, even if they’re moving. Viewers can see that an image has more information available by a shiny circle appearing occasionally over the object. By scanning over the ring, a little bubble comes up with the extra information, and by clicking on the object, you are then led to the attached link in another window so that you can continue to enjoy the video from the spot you paused it. If you want to view the video without the circle indicators, you can easily turn them off. Once you’re done looking at a hyperlink, you can click out of it and continue watching the video.

Instead of being a host for videos, they are planning on integrating their hypervideos into existing sites via widgets. This is some great new technology that I could see being integrated into many different video hosting sites to make the experience more interactive than ever before. In Their Own Words

“Asterpix enables users to easily create hypervideos and share them through websites, blogs and email. Analogous to hypertext, hypervideo provides an interactive experience by allowing viewers to select objects of interest to get more information or navigate the video.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a one of a kind technology that adds a whole new layer to the online video experience. Educational sites could use this to link to content that could give background information on the various images in the videos. Wikipedia would be a cool site to see this on.

Some Questions About

Will they make it possible to embed these videos into sites like Facebook and other common media sharing sites, so that users can easily share the videos not just by emailing them to friends, but by embedding them into other sites with a simple click?