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An asterisk is a way to mark something special in a document – and is a website that marks something equally special in open source communications. The technology behind Asterisk turns any computer into a communications server device, able to support regular telephone and video services, plus videoconferencing for businesses and government entities around the world. is designed to give potential and current users of the technology a smart overview on how it works, to obtain the necessary hardware and software, and get support. Digium is the creator, maintainer and distributor of this innovative system – is operated by them. The site has a basic tutorial on how businesses can save on their communications needs by running this open-source system as well as a catalog of hardware and software add-ons necessary for operation.

Current users may find a wide variety of support options on Digium provides round-the-clock support via phone, email and remote troubleshooting access. There is also a robust user community, with a heavily-trafficked web forum that shares tips and tricks and reports problems and issues found by real-life users of Asterisk. All the most current documentation for the program is available, plus video tutorials and other resources to help new users install, operate and troubleshoot their systems. The download section of has the latest updates and upgrades for the basic software, plus beta versions of upcoming enhancements for the brave to download and try out. These downloads cover all the various programs in the Asterisk suite, including AsteriskNOW PBX as well as developer tools.

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Author : Bill Webb

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