– Assumption College – is the website for Assumption College, located in Worcester, Massachusetts. Visitors to this website can learn all about Assumption College including its history, tradition, and mission. There is an academic section that highlights academic programs and majors. Those currently attending and prospective students have the opportunity to explore all majors offered and find the best match for their talents, abilities, and interests. There is also a message from the president and a president’s newsletter that are available for anyone to read. While most of the information on this site is geared towards current and prospective students, there’s also a section for alumni of the college.

An admissions and aid section on highlights what it takes to become an admitted student at Assumption. There’s information for undergraduate students, graduate students, and those interested solely in continuing education. Information on the types of financial aid that are available as well as how to apply for it are also described. There is a great deal of important information in this area that can help people obtain all of the information they need to eventually become a student. There are options on this site to connect with Assumption on Facebook and plan a customized campus visit as well.

The campus life area of describes what it is like to be an Assumption student and explains that academics is only a small part of it, there’s so much more to campus life at Assumption.The student services area tells what is done to help students succeed. Students can learn what services are available to them including academic support, career services, counseling, and meal plans. In addition to those, there are healthcare, library services, housing options, and recreation as well. Through taking a look at this information, site visitors can discover which ones they are most interested in taking advantage of.

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