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Why is everyone so driven to run influencer marketing campaigns nowadays? 92% of customers find an influencer more trustworthy than traditional ads or celeb endorsements. In a word, influencers are more authentic – and consumers love authenticity.


But along with the high rewards of successful influencer marketing campaigns come plenty of questions and difficult tasks. How do you measure success? How do you coordinate efforts?


Introducing Assembly: a cloud-based application that allows brands and marketing agencies to manage all of their influencer marketing campaigns in one centralized location.



The product of Redbrick, Canada’s second-fastest growing software company, Assembly helps teams manage campaigns from end to end, while simplifying each step of the process to boot.


“Whether it’s at the brand or agency level, managing one influencer campaign is tedious and time-consuming enough, let alone managing dozens or even hundreds of them simultaneously,” said Redbrick CMO Marco Pimentel. “Our goal with Assembly was to streamline influencer management by bringing all the moving parts together in one neat package to prove that it doesn’t have to be hard to demonstrate ROI.”


Here are some of the software’s highlights:


Assembly provides straightforward communication with influencers via email or chat. Campaign managers can easily create goals (related to reach, original content, engagement, etc.) while keeping a firm handle on budget and milestones. A simple dashboard makes everything visible.


Perhaps most importantly, everything is recorded. Analytics give a clear picture of performance across all the desired metrics.



The platform is feature rich, but an intuitive interface makes it a light tool to wield. In a nutshell, Assembly let’s you organize, conduct and measure influencer marketing campaigns efficiently and effectively.


Assembly was just launched for widespread use. The company offers three different plans to accommodate the needs of businesses ranging from startups to enterprise. Click here for more pricing details. All three plans have been introduced with a free 15-day trial period.


Ready to scale your influencer marketing efforts, while making life easier and maximizing your ROI? Learn more about Assembly and get started with an account by visiting


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