– DBMt for High Tech Assemblies

The Federal Aviation Administration has issued several Parts Manufacturer Approvals and is currently registered with the government through December 8, 2012. You can read all about the certifications and PMA eligibility granted to DBM Technologies at their website, The company is headquartered in Loveland, Colorado. DBMT stand for quality electronic assemblies and their servicing. Products and services from DBMT are designed for helping in created ideal engineering prototypes and supporitng start-up operations. Owned by Strato Technologies they are governed in duty and strategy by the investment firms, Fortune 500 or small companies of their father company.

Equipped to offer optimum support for high tech electronic, aerospace, military or government applications this company measures up to its certifications, documents that in this case have to be renewed time and time again, exceptionally well over the fifteen years it has been in operation.

A list of assembly services is found at and includes PCBA or Surface mount Technology, RoHS Compliant, Prototype flexible, Advanced Repair and Recovery or Cable Harness Assemblies among several other types. Some part names are Tropospheric Airbone Meterological Data Reporting Systems or TAMDAR for sensor systems as modification parts.

For the government institutions this company supplies NASA, NCAR/UCAR, FBO and NOAA with services and products. Each product carried by DBMT is produced and manufactured in the USA as well. Some brands that use the DBMT for their supplier include Saab, Embraer and Bombardier Aircraft. Nothing is too complex for them. Check out the certification numbers when you visit at and you will know you are in good hands.

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