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Assam is one of the states of India, a naturally beautiful and culturally distinct area of the country. Residents and those interested in Assam can stay up to date with the latest news on – the website of The Assam Tribune. The Tribune is published in English every day and is the newspaper with the highest English circulation in North East India. closely mirrors the printed version in appearance, with top headlines the first thing that catches the eye. It focuses heavily on regional and local news, with a considerable amount of stories from all over India. News items are broken down by City, State and Other Headlines, giving several in-depth stories on each topic, sometimes accompanied by photographs. Visitors may search each section for particular keywords over time spans ranging from the past week all the way back to the establishment of assamtribune in 2008. They have a full archive of back issues of the Assam Tribune dating back to January 1st of that year.

As in all newspapers, both online and printed, has a solid commitment to delivering weather, with local forecasts and current conditions available for many cities in their service area. Sport is a topic of great interest to Indians in general, and assamtribune covers the most popular games such as cricket, polo and hockey. Unlike many other online newspapers, however, does not appear to have online forums or the ability for readers to make comments on particular stories. Readers can, however, download the printed version in either English or Assamese. The entire assamtribune site can also be read in the language of the country.

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Author : Siri Marshall

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