– ASPIRA Early College for Minorities in the Chicago Area

ASPIRA prepared the website at for minority students of either Puerto Rican or other minority backgrounds. As a non-profit company the Aspira Early College High School believes in empowering the student in a quest toward the skills involved in leadership. ACE also hopes to incorporate a strong feeling of pride in each student’s cultural background.

To benefit the school itself, ACE expects to expand their sources of income by diversifying their funding resources to include a larger variety of types of institutions and by charging fees for some of its services. Advertising the school to invite an increase in funding resources is another ambition of

Aspira Early College’s collection of schools expect to participate in important coalitions of the local, state or national level and in the global technological advancements by means of various programs. AEC is interested in the surrounding community as well as in areas outside of the Chicago area where it resides.

Several levels or types of education are governed by the AEC, the Youth Development Center, the ASPIRA Haugan Middle or Mirta Ramirez Computer Science Schools as well as the AEC High School. The tropical bird known as the Pitirre, a Puerto Rican bird is the logo of this organization.

The Antonio Pantoja schooling facility from ASPIRA also grants diplomas and was developed especially for students between sixteen and twenty-one who had previously dropped out of school. Over twenty schools outside of this establishment serve as hosts to many of the programs they offer.

The Sustainability and Asset Building Division here creates capital with a collection of three entities which include the resource development, the asset building with social enterprise, and, a policy, research and advocacy department. When you are in a minority group in the Chicago area you will want to be a part of the excellent educational institution shown to you in detail at

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