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Electronic business software tools from across the Mexican border are here at Check out products or what are called ‘point of sale’ products aid the merchant or business owner when the person checks out with software for display, turret, scanner, barcode or cash drawer operation. Also included in the program are adjustments for including scales, ticket printing or banking transactions. One such product from is the Aspel-box 3.5, a software package that is capable of printing invoices, adding taxes, issuing refunds or cancellations. This up to the minute item will accept debit or credit cards, cash, payment vouchers and more types of payment. Aspel box 3.5 keeps inventory of your wares and uses this inventory to document sales, track schedules and issue reports on separate branches of your business or as a report for the whole company unit.

Aspel makes more software for your business, the Aspel-SAE 5.0 is made for issuing tax receipts that meet current legal requirements. This item includes aging balances, statements, monthly sales and balance outstanding orders. Enhance your inventory management with customer price lists, photos, other product identification or substitute items. This will capture data from spreadsheets and it works with other Aspel products.

Aspel-Factur will generate you digital tax receipts and is perfect for those you issue their bills electronically and it works for even single person businesses.

The fourth product from is Aspel-Prod 3.0 for use in control and planning of your company’s manufacturing operations. Inventory management and cost management join with efficiency in tracking orders and save time. This is extremely helpful for estimating cost for you finished projects.

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