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American Sign Language was developed as a way for Deaf and hard-of-hearing people to effectively communicate with others. is a site designed to provide assistance to ASL teachers, providing support of various kinds for classroom activities.


Since Sign Language is based on visual elements, is rich in video and other content. There is a main dictionary page with common expressions in ASL displayed. Visitors to aslpro can select various words to be displayed, and a short video plays with the corresponding motions of sign language. The dictionary is further subdivided by frequently used signs for conversation and religious purposes, as well as a section of ASL that aids teaching babies and young children. Teachers can use these dictionary listings as they are, or combine them into quizzes.

The QuizMe! section of allows teachers to create customized testing materials based on the dictionary contents. After selecting the number of words to make up the quiz, the QuizMe application displays them in order, allowing students to respond as to what each word or phrase means. QuizMe then displays the number of right and wrong answers, allowing teachers and students to focus on areas needing improvement. There are a number of pre-made QuizMe tests available for purchase on the site, both in video and online format.

Teachers can also find other free ASL learning tools on aslpro, including games, hand shapes, fingerspelling practice aids and shared lesson plans. These help the educator by saving time and making drills and learning easy and fun for their students.

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Author : Liam Gray

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