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If given the option to have something that is standard, or something that is customized to suit their needs, the majority of people would choose to have a product that was customized especially for them. This principle applies whether we are talking about a brand-new vehicle or the operating system on your PC or laptop. While there is not a site where you download customizations for your vehicle, there is a place where people who want their computer desktop to be unique can go to tweak Windows. This site is


The basic idea behind the company Tweaking with Vishal is that it is a place where you can modify things like your Windows desktop, certain features in Linux, operations within your mobile devices, and products from Microsoft. also offers downloads that are designed to help the user improve the overall function of their computer. There is software that helps detect and remove viruses. This site also has programs that are designed to detect and repair certain bugs that can be found in the Windows operating system.

A section on has been set aside for individuals who enjoy spending some of that free time playing video games on the computer or mobile device. A visitor to this site can easily click on a link and find the top five best free addictive games for Google Android devices. Or if you are currently running Windows XP, with the click of a link, you can transform XP into Windows 8 by using a release preview kit that is provided on this webpage.

Thanks to the tricks and tips provided: troubleshooting guides, software reviews, browser updates, and Windows customizations, proves itself to be a valuable resource for individuals who like to make their computer uniquely their own.

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Author : Irene Davids

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