– Q and A For Friends

AskUrPals.comYou’ve heard the phrase ‘wisdom of the crowds,’ well how about wisdom of your pals? AskUrPals takes the crowdsourced Q&A schema and gives it a little twist. Instead of doling out your everyday questions to strangers, Ask creates a specialized question form that you can send out to your friends, your family, and your colleagues; in other words, people you know and trust.

To get started, simply fill out the question form on the homepage (no registration is required); then Ask will create an email and you choose whom to send it to. To facilitate discussions, Ask can send you a moderation link. Once your pals receive the email, they will be able to respond via a special link within the email. Using the ‘view discussions’ link, all recipients can read the answers already given. As the original asker, you’ll get notified whenever a new answer comes in. In Their Own Words

“ makes it easy to get answers to your common, day to day questions from people you already know and trust. Real life groups (think your friends and family or office colleagues) help each other out with real questions while AskUrPals consolidates answers in relevent discussions for everybody’s benefit. The result is a neatly organized community knowledge base that is easy to search and use.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

When it comes to questions and answers, most people probably trust those closest to them best. It’s about trust, basically. AskUrPals allows users to leverage the knowledge of those they know in an easy and straight forward manner.

Some Questions About

The beauty of the wisdom of the crowds model is that you get many different perspectives and types of expertise in one place; Ask limits that. Also, some people simply feel more comfortable asking questions to complete strangers.