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AskMob – Finally We Have A Smart Way To Interact With The Local Crowd

Have conversations that matter. Follow the people and subjects important to you. Meet locals. Interact with your friends and family…


We’ve heard all the phrases. We’re familiar with the attempts to put the social back into social networking or to make platforms work in all the ways that they supposedly fall short. For all the talk and handwringing though, what we haven’t come across is an app that combines all such efforts into one endeavor.


Until… voilà: AskMob.


askmob landing


AskMob is a mobile app that lets people talk about what’s going on around them and to meet one another. It’s simple, versatile, and a winning app.


Nobody cares who tells them about the major traffic jam just down the road. Anonymous sharing of this kind of information is just fine. AskMob gives users the option to post and receive the news anonymously. Take another example from the app. Someone wants to know: “What bars are busy on campus right now?” How annoying to not receive an answer just because you don’t actually know anyone there at the moment.


AskMob makes it easy to get answers from anyone in the right place at the meaningful time. A Reddit-like system also keeps trending topics more visible, so users don’t have to hunt for the biggest stories or most engaging conversations.


Of course, those who are happy to share their public face are free to do so as well. This lets others know who is posting info and arrange to meet if both parties are interested, be it for business or romance.


The scorecard so far: easy posting/sharing/finding local news, a Reddit-style means to follow what’s most pertinent, chance to meet others (read: dating possibilities, let’s be honest). Should we keep going? AskMob isn’t finished.


There’s a map for finding your way to the action. You can also track friends, family, co-workers, etc. in real-time. Oh, yeah, and there’s a straightforward chat for anyone in the area – that’s a lot of tools in one app, while still managing to remain easy on the eyes.


At least part of the runaway success of other social tools like Twitter can be attributed to them giving people a useful tool and mostly getting out of the way of their users. Well, AskMob is similar in this regard, in the sense that it gives people a variety of ways to interact with others nearby. Turn to AskMob as it suits you.


Ask yourself: do you really enjoy turning to 20 apps to find out about the weather, weekend events going down, what your sister is doing these days and commenting on life around you?


We all know the answer to this one. Well, part of the answer. AskMob may very well be the other half – one app for asking questions, getting answers, and doing whatever else you’d ask of your other social networking tools to allow you to do.


Well played, AskMob. Race to to learn more or download the app from either the App Store or Google Play.


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Author : Keith Liles

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