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It contains all kind of information that men can be interested. You can find in the site loads of information such as: dating and love, sexuality, men, women, entertainment, fashion and lifestyle, health and sports, power and money, cars, gaming, among others. These links are filled up with special information that can be helpful everyday. You can find a whole bunch of tips such as diets, fitness and workouts, sex tips, fashion tips, dating tips, car tips, and finance tips among others. You can also see information on celebrities, like the top 49 men, the top 99 women and general information about actresses and actors, singers, models and athletes. also has two big galleries where you can search for your favourite celebrity, men or women, and see his/her picture.
You can become part of and be able to download games, join players guide, join a virtual trainer, improve your self newsletter which consists in help if you want to change your dating life, your sex life, your career, your lifestyle, your clothes, your health, etc. Being member of also benefits you in having discounts, special offers, access to tickets, products, services no one else can get and it is totally easy and free. Men and Women can be part of by signing up. In Their Own Words

“ is a free online destination for men, a men’s portal, designed to provide men with daily features on subject matter that interests the general male population.
What is its mission? To offer men candid advice, that is useful, practical and entertaining. address issues regarding dating, women, fashion, money, fitness, and entertainment. Offering advice that is too complicated or unrealistic does not serve any viable purpose, therefore it deals with topics that can be incorporated into men’s daily lives.”

Why It Might Be A Killer has loads of useful information that everyone wants to know. The site is really well organized and the design is really good. The web is completely free at all time and it is worthwhile visiting its topics and information are everyone’s concern.

Some Questions About

Where is the profit? Why will people choose them among the other men’s web? What is different from others? Are surfers going to spend long time on the web if every time they enter to a link a pop-up appears?