– Ask Web Site is a search engine that allows users to type questions into a search box and then submit them for answers. There is a daily question that has multiple choice answers, as well as sample questions that have been submitted to the site from real users. Users can also have accounts, and personalize their themes and settings. The web can be searched as a whole, or users can search for images, news, videos, and more. has a page about how they came to be a search engine and website. They began as Ask Jeeves in 1996, and their renaming was in 2005. What separates from other search engines is the fact that questions can be submitted for actual answers and not just links to potential answers. Their team is composed of five notable individuals, and there is a link to the company blog.

The AskEraser is a function that is explained on its own page. This privacy feature is used to make sure that search activity will be erased once the user is done with the website. devotes a page to advertising questions. They are the tenth most trafficked site on the internet and this page offers a question of the day, and homepage takeovers. The current job openings at are all based in Oakland, California. Ask Jeeves’ blog allows readers to view pictures, read articles, and comment. A help page exists for Ask users, and they can also report issues with the site. The feedback page allows users to submit their opinions pertaining to the website.

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