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AskDaveTaylor.comAre you tired of never getting the right answers on your TV, computer or other appliance’s manuals? Are you confused when changing from a PC to a Mac? Then go to

This website provides you with the answers to all your questions about technology. Whether you’re switching from a Mac to a PC or the other way around, you want to know how to create a picture slideshow for your Facebook profile, how to add a custom ringtone to your Apple iPhone or how to take a screenshot on your Mac, you will get the answers in a daily blog format. All you have to do is click on the button appearing on the upper right hand corner and fill out the form with you email, your name, a category (Mac Os X, Online Advertising, Windows, the Writing business, Creating Cool HTML 4 pages and Parenting and Kids), then you will proceed to write a message explaining your problem or question and all that is left is waiting. Since Dave gets many questions daily, your waiting time might end up being a month, but if you need hep right away, for 99 dollars, you will be guaranteed immediate answer within 2 business days.