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ASIL is the acronym for the American Society of International Law. At selected events, briefings and international law in general are documented so laymen, law makers, teachers or politicians as well as lawyers can come to better awareness of legal limitations in the world as a whole. The organization has the intention of reaching others and causing them to take an interest in the study of these global laws believing this will be the best influence for creating justice in all reaches of the world. has printed the ASIL constitution and regulations in a PDF document and this is free for viewing at the website. You will not be concerned with the way ASIL gathers money for its activities. Donations of time from responsible members and even outside institutions solve part of the need for funding, while patrons of ASIL provide monetary donations in exchange for exclusive benefits. There is a Heritage Circle of members that have written this organization into their estate plan information. There are also grants available from governments and other sources that serve the ASIL in outreach programs, educational opportunities and other items that make for desirable initiatives.

There are many publications available at, newsletters, bulletins, reports on international organizations or the ‘Cultural Heritage and the Arts Review’ to list only a few of these. Also, the ‘American Journal of International Law’ and the ‘ASIL’ annual ‘Meeting Proceedings’ are available by subscription for a members’ fee. Many books about global law, military intervention, gender based crimes, maritime borders and the roles that ethics may play in these are sold here, with members receiving a discounted rate upon purchase.

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