KillerStartups – Afro-Centric Apparel for Ladies

Black is Beautiful, and that is the going motto for Ashro, a chain of retail shops in the US selling outfits, shoes and accessories for black women. The store carries casual, office and party wear in a wide variety of styles and sizes, including special fits. And if you visit its website right now ( you’ll be able to shop for what you want from the comfort of your home.

The site includes the complete catalog for this store, arranged in all the obvious categories: “Clothing”, “Shoes” and “Accessories”. And the site also lists the latest collections on the homepage, for you to quickly know what are the dos and the don’ts for this season.

And if you are shopping for someone else, or are unsure about what the right size might be, then take a look at the sizing charts that are provided here. These will let you find out exactly what to buy and what to leave alone in seconds.

While we’re on the subject of gifts, it’s good to mention that registered users of the site can create their own wishlists, and have them shared with all their Facebook and email contacts.

On the other hand, if you prefer to shop for clothes personally (many people do, after all), then the store locator that’s provided here will let you find the nearest Ashro shops to where you live.

When all is said and done, is very nicely designed, and all the information a customer could need is where it should be. So, regardless of whether you’ve already purchased anything online in your life or not, you’ll feel comfortable doing your shopping at this site.

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