What To Do If You Were Exposed In The Ashley Madison Hack

Today’s Killer Startup: AshleyMadisonHack.net by BrandYourself.com


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Elevator Pitch:

AshleyMadisonHack.net helps people whose data was exposed in the Ashley Madison hack manage the damage.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past couple of days, you’ve probably heard of the Ashley Madison breach. To recap the drama of the past month or so, a group of hackers calling themselves The Impact Team stole almost 10 gigs of sensitive personal information about users of the cheating site Ashley Madison and the sugar daddy/sugar baby site Established Men. The hackers announced to the world that they would release that data if the site’s parent company, Avid Media, didn’t shut down both sites immediately.


And then they released it.


I’ve written in other places about how the hackers used a moralistic tone in their demands and also about how membership to the sites is really no one’s business but the couples’ involved — but this post isn’t about the moral arguments for or against cheating. It’s about what you can do if your information was included in that hack.


The hack is something that everyone should be worried about. My friend Patrick Ambron, CEO of BrandYourself.com, points out that this security breach exposes just how vulnerable we all are to privacy violations. For people who were definitely exposed in the hack, he and his team set up AshleyMadisonHack.net.


They provide a link to have i been pwned?, a site that was set up to help people check and see if their information was exposed. (have I been pwned? only allows people to search for their own names, so you don’t have to worry about it being used by people trying to expose you.)


They then walk users through exactly how they can minimize the damage (online, at least) of their names and other data being released, including how to create and build up positive links that will bury any Ashley Madison-associated links that start rising when people begin searching for them.


Finally, BrandYourself offers a concierge service for people who think that the damage might be too great to manage on their own. Perhaps Josh Duggar should give them a call?



Think your data was exposed in the #AshleyMadisonHack? A new site from @BrandYourself can help.


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