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Horses have played an amazing role in the advancement of mankind. Many of the modern-day civilizations would simply not exist if the power of these massive animals was not used in order to build roads, farm land, and transport individuals from one side of the globe to another. There is a bond that exists between humans, and horses that does not exist with other animals. Proof of this is the enthusiasm that the individuals behind have for these mighty creatures.


The American Saddle Bred Horse Association is an organization that monitors, and reports on the goings ons of everything that happens in connection with saddle bred horses. offers its visitors the opportunity to learn about the different competitions, and tournaments that are taking place across the world of horseracing. Forms are set up on this website so that enthusiasts and professionals alike can discuss their favorite aspects of these sports. These forms are a good place to share tips, and learn certain tricks connected to this trade. has a large gallery of photos, that include horses and riders who have won certain competitions in the past. You can read about the history of these individuals, and also see the effect that winning certain tournaments have had on them.

For those looking to become members of the ASHA information provided on this webpage is extremely useful. You will be able to learn the requirements for joining, any fees that have to be paid, and you will have access to all the forms that need to be filled out.

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