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Alabama State Employees have their own credit union, the website to find out the latest information about the credit union is found at The asecu has a flash section on their homepage that highlights the latest information and deals available to members. The latest incentives available are to skip a July loan payment, low interest rates for vacation loans, and reloadable, insured debit cards.


The membership menu of explains who can join the group, how to apply, and what benefits are available to those who decide to join. Asecu allows those who would like to apply, an online membership application, that can be completed and submitted directly to the asecu.

Savings is available at the union, and the savings menu highlights those accounts that will allow people to earn interest on their savings deposit. Standard savings accounts, ira accounts, and club accounts are all described, complete with terms and conditions.

A very extensive checking category describes all types of checking account offered with the terms and fees of each account respectively. Minimum amounts of money are required to open a checking account with asecu, and those amounts are listed under each type of checking account offered.

Loan calculators and budget estimators are provided under the loans menu, where auto and personal loans are specified. Mortgages and home equity loans have specific conditions which are described, including a frequently asked questions sub-menu. Here, users can determine how much mortgage they can afford and how much money they can potentially qualify for. also has a contact us page for those that have questions.

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