– Finance in the Grocery Store

ASDA Stores is the second largest retail chain in Great Britain. In addition to their grocery, clothing and general merchandise, they also offer financial services to people in the UK, as detailed at

UK residents seeking all sorts of financial products will find them at They offer a full range of credit cards, including the new Asda Money Credit Card that will be issued soon. This card will act as a supplement and replacement to the current Reward Credit Card program, offering low rates and the ability to earn points toward discounts and prizes based on purchases.

A large part of is their insurance business. They have a full line of diverse products, ranging from car and van policies, breakdown coverage, home insurance – even coverage for your pets. They compare offerings from the leading UK companies in the field in order to find the best rates and options for customer needs. This service extends to travel insurance, which includes unlimited medical expenses while traveling among other features. Asdafinance even has a currency exchange program called Travel Money, with the best exchange rates and home delivery.

Life insurance is also a major product found on They have products that meet the various stages of life including advised life coverage, Instant Life, protection for those over age 50, income protection and critical illness cover. Homeowners will like the mortgage life plan presented by asdafinance – a way to protect families against any loss of income that could prevent paying off a home mortgage.

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