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Aberdeen School District information can easily be found through Announcements are listed right on the front page of the website cased on how important they are. This generally includes information about when registration is due for certain events and also new school years coming up. There are also headlines listed with information about when there are school board meetings, classes starting up, new report cards available and much more. This information does change throughout the year based on what is planned. Upcoming events can also be found on the home page of and through the events section as well.


Aberdeen School District also lists their individual departments on the website so users can find out contact information for people they need to get in touch with. The staff section helps teachers to find resources for helping their students learn more and achieve all of their goals during the school year. Students and families use this website often because it provides so much information about the schools. Parents use as a resource to help them determine what their children are doing, what is going on in the school and other important news.

One of the most accessed parts of the website is the events calendar. This lays out everything that is coming up in the community, from performances to registration dates and deadlines. This can be listed by month, day or week depending on what the user wants. There is also an option to print this out or export it to e-mail for use on another device. The calendar is updated frequently, especially when new events are coming up.

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