– Your One-Stop Shop for Information Regarding the 103 School District

Organization, planning, and good participation by all is necessary, in order to ensure that children get the most out of their public school education. To this and the Ararcortes public educational community has set up the site Its basic purpose is to provide general information, to students, parents, and faculty regarding different events that are taking place in the local schools.

A student who visits can easily find a list of the activities that are available for them after class. These programs include things like cooking, musical programs, custom-designed, and a new take on some classic fairy tales. Also information is given on projects that the students themselves have been working on. Information can be found on this site about Apocalypse Later a theatrical work that has been written, composed, and will be performed by the local students.

Showing its commitment to education, and continued learning, the Ararcortes school district uses the as a way to express its appreciation to the individuals in the community who have helped contribute money that has been used for scholarships for the children in the school district. This effort by the community has resulted in 40 scholarships been offered this year in the amount of $86,000.

Emphasis is also placed on the importance of learning not only in the classroom, but also outdoors. The website gives a detailed explanation of some of the outdoor learning programs that this school district has pioneered. People who visit the site will also have access to things like bus routes, weather forecast, the student calendar, and health updates. This site is a one-stop shop for all those interested in the goings-on in district 103.