– An Organization for Civil Engineers

If you can ride on it, walk on it or live or work in it, chances are a civil engineer had a role in its creation. The American Society of Civil Engineers, online at, is the umbrella professional and advocacy organization for engineers in this vital field. Members of asce spend their days designing and supervising the construction of roads, bridges, electrical networks and many other components of our modern civilization.

ASCE News is a clearinghouse for the latest facts and figures in the industry, including authoritative reports, awards and the day to day business of the Society. is open to all, with special sections for employers, the media, students and their teachers and sponsors as well as practicing civil engineers. Each section contains specific content aimed at providing education and information for these various groups. Members have special sections on knowledge and learning, including the Civil Engineer’s body of knowledge, technical books and journals, and a variety of continuing education resources. Leaders and managers can find prototype contracts and other documents, discussions on ethics and diversity in the workplace, and career resources, including the annual ASCE salary survey.

Members of are eligible to serve on various committees within the organization and can participate in technical groups working toward refining and creating new standards for excellence. There are opportunities to volunteer and mentor, work with student groups and locate ASCE chapters in the city, state or region closest to you. There are also links with issues and government relations data designed to make every member aware and engaged in the efforts of ASCE.

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