– A Leading Business School in the Netherlands

The University of Aarhus in the Netherlands is an internationally known and respected educational and research institution. Their School of Business and Social Sciences has a website at, which is a fine introduction to the work they are doing and the opportunities they offer.

First time visitors to will find the landing page in Dutch. However, there is a British flag icon in the corner of the page that translates it into English. The site gives an overview of recent news items connected to the school and recent published work by members of the staff and students of various programs. You may check on current research, not only in the areas of business and the social sciences, but in every discipline followed at Aarhus University.

Potential students will find a good overview of the degree programs offered at the University at The institution focuses on economics, business administration, commercial law and international business, offering degrees up to the Master’s level. Details are also available on asb exchange programs, summer school and their MBA program as well. There is a section on executive educational options, though that particular page is in Dutch and does not offer a translation.

There are a number of different sections on that are related to the work of this branch and the University at large. This page is a portal to the larger University of Aarhus, and offers much information on both the Business School and its parent. Newsletters and e-brochures are readily available for download for those who wish more facts about various programs.

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