search cancel – Sexy Fractal Art Ink is another piece of web work from the creator of Songza, Aza Raskin. Like Songza, Algorithm Ink features a user interface unlike anything you’re used to.


However, while Songza’s a place for music, Algorithm Ink is aimed at programmers who like to make pretty fractal art. It’s basically an extension of Aza’s Context Free program ported to javascript by way of Canvas. Use Algorithm Ink to create slick looking pieces of programmed computer art. It works best with Firefox 3, and gives real time results. Results are also never the same– each piece is unique and encoded to be so (randomness is thrown in). And the above mentioned UI? It’s incredibly simple and intuitive (if you know code). Each button on the menu panel has a separate panel for itself that pops up neatly on top or bottom for easy management. You can browse and reference other works and check out Context Free for more code ideas. In Their Own Words

“Algorithm Ink is a port and extension of Context Free by Aza Raskin. The original grammar was originally conceived of by Chris Coyne. Algorithm Ink uses open-web, standards-based tools: no plugins required. You can even right-click to save the drawings. The caveat is that Firefox 3, and Opera 9.5 are the only browsers to fully support Canvas, so it may run slower on Safari, and not at all in Internet Explorer.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Algorithm Ink is well designed and great fun to make sexy, slick designs and art. The UI is a thing to be praised.

Some Questions About

Will this catch on? Is the UI too unfamiliar for users to appreciate? Is there a business model attached?

Author : Bruce Turner

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