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ASAPGreen.comThis online resource is aimed at these businesses that are either already green or are in the process of becoming so. The site aims to bring all parties of the process into a single and unified location, and give them something akin to a user driven social networking system to transform the scene and propel it forwards.


In addition to being a platform where business owners and industry players can connect, this social site is also open to those who are interested in green causes in general. As a matter of fact, the site is open to absolutely anybody since every single social networking feature is available and can be readily employed. Users can post pictures, videos, message each other and so forth.

The ultimate aim of the site is to give new technologies the place they deserve and let businesses ranging far and wide make a seamless transition. By connecting companies and every other key player in the transition (including consumers), it hopes to answer the questions posted by such a conversion process, and create a framework where all the drive can be focused and successfully channeled. In Their Own Words

“ASAPgreen is built on the premise that there are effectively two categories of businesses; Those that are already green, and those that are becoming green. Now Green Businesses, Conventional Businesses, Individuals and Households have a User Driven Social Networking System to move the green conversion process forward, because ASAPgreen gets all these businesses, as well as consumers, in one place and in direct contact. Thus expediting the process of allowing these new technologies and standards to envelop all fields of business, ASAP.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Green economy as a whole will be given a great push by such an initiative.

Some Questions About

How will this project take shape as time passes?

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