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Addiction to alcohol and drugs is a large and ever-growing problem in the world today. The American Society of Addiction Medicine, found at, is an organization that is dedicated to finding new and innovative treatments designed to free people from the clutches of these addictions, and help them live normal, healthy lives. is primarily aimed at practitioners in the field, with a substantial collection of news items about addiction and its treatment, plus recent advances in the field. Doctors and therapists may also check out the wide range of resources on, which include ASAM PPC-2R, the comprehensive set of guidelines for placement, treatment and discharge of patients with these disorders. There is also the Med-Sci Daily News, a frequently updated journal of happenings, along with ASAM Weekly with top stories on education, advocacy and much more.

Professionals in the treatment of addiction will find the training resources they need to stay on top of their game on There are conference listings, seminars to attend and online training modules available that can be accessed right from the asam site. This is all in addition to the publications collection, research and treatment archives, and broad-based practice support information that includes patient placement criteria. As an advocacy organization, also provides policy statements, legislative resources and social media information, all detailing the positions and actions taken on behalf of members of asam. Members are always welcome to get involved in these activities and become part of the voice of addiction medicine.

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Author : Charly Zaks

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